All night long

Working late sounds like a drag and something you want to avoid as much as possible, but at Lunar Way we have a different take on working late, which can easily happen a couple of times a week.

The best part, it’s completely voluntary.

The writer behind this post is our Web Architect Thomas Stig Jacobsen, also called Stiggy, who has been here since the birth of Lunar Way. Take it away Stiggy.

Thanks guys, I’ll take it from here.

How it all started

Our all-nighters started happening early in our life. It was actually a part of the team that independently decided they wanted to stay late to work on side projects they had in their pipeline. Many of these side projects developed into full blown features, and the success of the all-nighters meant they were adopted as a cool way to get some serious and creative work done.

Despite being part of our start-up DNA now, the all-nighters are still optional, but large parts of the team see them as a great way to get on top or ahead with their workload.

Pay My Bill, Siri Pay, and our messenger bot were all products of all night sessions. They have also allowed us to speed up the development of new ideas, whereas usually they would be put on the back burner because our normal working days are super busy.

At the moment we are swamped with work, so it’s always good to see how many people decide to contribute so much extra to our continued success.

Supercharged evolution

One of the biggest advantages of these sessions is that we get to let our creative side take the lead. We can try new things and work on projects we wouldn’t have time to during the day, which helps to keep the ideas rolling on.

One of the reasons I think it has been so popular with our team is that they get to approach what they are working on in a more creative way. During a normal working day there can be deadlines and time restrictions on projects, but these are simply not a part of the equation when you’re volunteering extra time out of passion for the projects, which is what we do when we stay for an all-nighter.

A smaller team with mixed skills can have bigger ideas

When parts of the team decide to stay it’s also great for morale at Lunar Way. As some of the team make their way home the remaining group shrinks in size. The team that’s left often order take away dinner, or even take a break to workout before or after the work is done.

This social aspect, as well as being enjoyable, also helps to make our team even stronger.

We’re not sure the same concept would be as successful in a large organisation, but it fits in well with the mentality and culture of our team.

Working in a smaller group also opens you up to ideas and concepts from people you wouldn’t normally work with during the day, which fuels the creative process further and can inspire you to go in a completely different direction with a project.

Sometimes you’ll see people from design, marketing and tech sitting together, brainstorming on new interdisciplinary and creative ideas.

Another aspect I like is the spontaneity of the decision. Often they aren’t planned ages in advance, or even very structured, we just all club together and get stuff done. I love the buzz at Lunar Way, the way we are all pulling in the same direction to make it as successful as possible, working together to add value to our own or others projects.

This ‘Common Goal’ mentality is great, it makes you really feel part of something special. Besides, if the alternative is sitting at home staring at the TV, I’ll take having a laugh with my colleagues and working on projects I’m passionate about any day of the week.

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