GitOps - Operations by Pull Request

For the past year, or so, we have been investigating, built PoC's, discussed options, decided on a model, and actually implemented a GitOps model at Lunar. This blog post will walk you through our considerations, the different models we see in the current ecosystem, and the model that we decided to implement.

Culture Lunar Way’s journey towards true autonomy (Part 2)

The first part of this blogpost made the point that your organisational structure and collaboration model is tightly coupled with your underlying technical architecture, and that you can’t change your organizational structure and collaboration model without adapting the underlying technical architecture as well. It was the story of our tech journey during Lunar Way’s early days, from late 2015 to late 2016, and a lot has happened since.

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Android A look under the hood

This post will focus on establishing an overview of our architecture, paying particular attention to the external libraries we use. In future posts we will dive into greater detail on several of the libraries and concepts, which are just briefly introduced here. Let’s get started! Network and data Like many other modern apps, Lunar Way leverage the power of Retrofit and OkHttp.

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Data The Path To Being Data Driven

Data driven, what? Being data driven should appeal instinctively to engineers. Finally, there is a tool to settle the never-ending disputes between designers and developers. Finally we are able to decide who is truly ‘right’. Other positive consequences include a product that better fits the target market, faster validation of new features, and saving countless hours by not spending time developing the wrong thing.

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Culture Lunar Way’s journey towards true autonomy (Part 1)

Agility in a silo organization For years enterprise companies have been organized in silos, where specialists with the same skillset are hired into the same department, working side by side to fully utilize their knowledge. Today, most have realized a silo mindset will result in sub optimization and longer lead times, because the coordination of deliveries between departments becomes a nightmare.

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Golang Adopting Go at Lunar Way

A previous blog post,”Lunar Way’s journey towards Cloud Native Utopia”, covered our motivation for building Cloud Native services, and highlighted how it helps us achieve velocity and autonomy in our feature squads. This blog post will cover our experience of introducing the Go programming language to our backend. Background Lunar Way’s production backend is comprised of around 30 microservices deployed in a Kubernetes cluster.

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Cloud native Lunar Way’s journey towards Cloud Native Utopia

At Lunar Way we value openness and sharing of knowledge. We are active in the meetup community in Aarhus as the co-founders of the Cloud Native Aarhus group and have been sharing our experiences in other groups as well. This past week, we changed gears and attended both CloudNative London and GOTO Copenhagen.

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