GitOps - Operations by Pull Request

For the past year, or so, we have been investigating, built PoC's, discussed options, decided on a model, and actually implemented a GitOps model at Lunar. This blog post will walk you through our considerations, the different models we see in the current ecosystem, and the model that we decided to implement.

Conferences Chaos Community Day

Last Friday (September 13th) Kasper Nissen and I visited Amazon in London for a Chaos Community Day. The day was hosted by Russ Miles from ChaosIQ and the agenda included speakers from several different industries; banking, streaming services, digital and print publishing to just name a few. Our expectations were quite high, and it’s safe to say we weren’t disappointed.

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Microservices Consistency Guarantees in a Microservice Architecture

A year ago I shared our first learnings from entering microservice land in the blog post From Rails Monolith to Microservices — Part 1. Back then my intention was to write a follow-up post to finish the adventure and share all the key learnings we gained as part of our journey.

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Business How We Scale our Onboarding

Before being able to explore the Lunar Way universe, newcomers have to sign up in our app. In many cases signup flows are fairly simple; ask for a name, an email and there you go — you are ready to start. In the world of banking, however, a signup flow is a different kind of beast.

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Tooling Introducing shuttle

At Lunar Way we have a lot of microservices. Currently, we have around 70 microservices running in our production kubernetes environment along with multiple infrastructure services that provide monitoring, logging, etc. A good deal of them is developed using the same language, architecture, and libraries. Decentralized vs centralized? When we started our microservice journey, we chose to go with a decentralized repository strategy (also known as a polyrepo opposed to a monorepo).

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Mobile Why passion is key and competition should be cherished

In my last post, “A look under the hood”, I gave you a teaser about a more technical post about Android that’s coming soon — but I just had to write this piece first 👨‍💻 You may have heard Lunar Way has just received three awards for our app and design at this year´s Digital Danish Awards.

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Culture All night long

Working late sounds like a drag and something you want to avoid as much as possible, but at Lunar Way we have a different take on working late, which can easily happen a couple of times a week. The best part, it’s completely voluntary. The writer behind this post is our Web Architect Thomas Stig Jacobsen, also called Stiggy, who has been here since the birth of Lunar Way.

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